For English speaking dog owners

Dog school BENY is oriented on companion („pet“) dogs. BENY is not focusing on competitions or dog sports. The main focus is on „dog raising“ or „behavioral issues“. Issues like chewing, digging, „home alone“ problems, jumping on visitors…

In other words – teaching a dog how to fulfill its basic needs in a way, which is acceptable from our human point of view. Or – preparing a dog for such situations and scenarios the dog needs to handle in order to „blend in“ human society.

Also, basic obedience is considered useful, however, I prefer the word „cooperation“.

More about my philosophy can be found HERE

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How it works

If you are interested in a consultation or private training, please fill in the form at the end of this page. Then I will contact you by email and we will arrange details.

Both „in home“ and „in school“ consultations are available.

Services and fees

  • Consultation BEFORE purchasing a dog – 400 CZK/hour
  • Puppy related consultation (dogs under 5 months) – 500 CZK/hour
  • Behavioral issue consultation (dogs over 5 months) – 600 CZK/hour
  • Private „cooperation (obedience) program“ – 4200 CZK for six 90 minutes lessons

In case of  „not in school“ consultations (so it is needed to arrive somewhere) I am charging:

  • + 1/2 hour for Brno
  • + 1 hour Brno „countryside“

If you have any uncertainty or questions, please contact me using email or using the FB Messenger app –

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